Sally Brown, Husk, 2010 (small)

Emma Bugg, Echo ring, 2011 (small)

Sophie Carnell, Buttongrass Pendant, 2011 (small)

Janine Combes, Windswept Brooch, 2010 (small)

DHAB Studios, Alumina Light, 2011 (small)

Deirdre Feeney, I was on my way somewhere else the day I met you, 2010 (small)

Christine Hannan, Fractals, 2011 (small)

Ella Knight, Green Day of the Dead Fascinator, 2011 (small)

Penny Malone, Log Rug, 2005 (small)

Shauna Mayben, 'Heirloom' - Lockets, 2010 (small)

Duncan Meerding, Cracked Log Lamp, 2010 (small)

Toby Muir Wilson, 'Flight' - seating for teo, 2011 (small)

Guy Paramore, Rocker 1.5, 2009 (small)

Nick Randall, Tangent Table 2, 2010 (small)

Stewart Rienecker, Crab Bar Stool, 2010 (small)

Rebecca Roth, Cuff Bangles, 2012 (small)

The 3rd Door Artist Studio, Artist Quality Sketchbooks, 2011 (small)

Suze van der Beek, Quatrefoil Brooch series, 2013

Mairi Ward, Salt Dishes, 2011 (small)

Stuart Williams, Lake Burbury sideboard, 2010 (small)