DOT offers to its members 24/7 access to studio spaces and wood and metal workshops with specialist equipment as well as three electric ceramic/glass kilns. Access to workshop and studios is charged on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis. Designers also have access to computers and design software. For a detailed list facilities and equipment available at DOT please download PDF.


DOT offers to its members ongoing information on commissions, grants and networking events and promotes their work through curated exhibitions, design markets and other retail spaces.

DOT Professional Development Series presents every year, an eclectic selection of highly experienced and recognized designers. The series includes lectures, workshops and networking events with Tasmanian designers and manufactures.

With support from Tasmanian government through Arts Tasmania, DOT offers every year 12 months scholarships to two new design graduates. The Springboard Scholarships aid emerging designers in further developing their creative and business skills, establishing networks and advancing their reputations. The scholarships include studio space and full access to workshop and equipment at considerable reduced cost and free professional and business development. Applications for DOT Springboard Scholarships open every year in September to November.


The DOT community is always excited to welcome new object designers, makers and craftspeople into the collective. It is firmly believed that representation across generations is needed to stimulate innovation. Some designers have been members for twenty years and some are new graduates.

If you are interested in commissioning our designers or becoming a member please contact us.

DOT facilities 1

DOT workspace

DOT facilities 2

DOT workspace