Toby Muir Wilson, 'Flight' - seating for teo, 2011

‘Flight’ – seating for teo

Huon Pine, Eucalypt and blackwood, solid timber and sawn veneers, 2011
1200mm (L) x 450mm(H) x 450mm(D)

Toby Muir Wilson, Black River Procession, 2011

Black River Procession

Stained and dyed Eucalypt and Huon Pine, 2011
1200mm (H) x 800mm (W) x 500mm (D)

Toby Muir Wilson, Rift Blanket Chest, 2012

Rift Blanket Chest

Huon Pine and Blackwood, 2012
1700mm (L) x 430 (H) x 500mm (D)