DOT is an eclectic community of designers, makers and artists. We value diversity in areas of practice, skills and experience because we believe this fosters a creative environment where great work can be produced.


DOT is a not-for-profit organisation which run by its members, for its members. Direction and decision making is the role of its member-appointed board. Our Current board members are:

Murray Jessup, Duncan Meerding, Bernadette Schramm, Scott van Tuil, Christopher Clinton, Ross Straker, Marjorie Lenehan

DOT employs a part time administrator, Shannon Greer, who provides information to members on commissions, exhibitions, design markets, grants and retail opportunities. This information is made available to DOT members through a monthly newsletter.

DOT has existed for more than 30 years, and it’s members create an eclectic community of designers, makers, artists and craftspeople. Some of our members regularly access our workshop and studio facilities, while others practise elsewhere but remain DOT members and a part of the community. Below you will find a small selection of DOT members. If you are interested in finding out more about their practise, or engaging them for a commission or project, please feel free to get in touch directly through the links provided.


Christopher Clinton

Christopher is a Hobart-based architect, designer and maker.
Originally from a trade background, his vision combines a craftsman’s eye-for-detail with practical design rigour, and an in-depth knowledge of materials and construction.
Chris’ design-by-making process and the making of finely-crafted furniture and objects is inextricably linked to his practice of architecture.



Lawrence Hurst

Laurence Herst

Laurence has a strong interest in spacial relationships and symmetry. Previous projects have included sandstone and Tasmanian timbers such as Sassafras and celery top pine.



Guy Paramore

With a diverse practice ranging across furniture, objects, spaces and sculpture, Guy enjoys the challenges being a designer maker in Tasmania brings.
His ethos is to create user-centric solutions using a blend of traditional and contemporary methodologies, with preference given to sustainable materials.


Gemma Brown

Gemma started her creative career in textile design, drawing and painting before discovering ceramic handbuilding. Her design is influenced by our relationships to our environments: natural, social and built. She enjoys creating both traditional and experimental shapes, and exploring the possibilities in surface that ceramic materials can offer. Gemma is DOT’s 2019-20 Springboard Scholarship recipient.


Nick Randall

Nick is a furniture designer and maker who combines his passion for creating with his passion for boats. The result is curvaceous flowing forms.


Ted Lucas

Ted Lucas is a visual artist who specialises in high-fire Studio Art Pottery. Inspired by the rich history of ceramics in Australia, Ted focuses on creating functional and decorative wheel thrown ware, including large sculptural work. Passionate about environmental conservation, endemic Tasmanian flora and fauna feature strongly both visually and conceptually in Ted’s work.

Ted has an Honors degree in Fine Arts (UTAS, 2017), and has trained in ceramics in Australia and the USA.


Duncan Meerding

Duncan Meerding is a Lighting and Furniture Designer/Maker. Much of his work is informed by the natural environment and the effects we have upon it, coupled with the dispersion of light through and around objects. Products are available as well as custom commission work.

Duncan’s Stump light recently won an international DARC Award in London for ‘Best Floor Light of 2018’



Phil Vanier

Phil is a furniture designer/maker who loves the challenge of building one-off pieces that perfectly answer the customer’s unique brief. Originally from London, UK he has a strong Mid Century Modern style and combines both traditional and modern techniques to build his bespoke pieces.

Instagram: @thelittleshedproject



Hamish Gibson

Studio made ceramic pieces inspired by the pristine Tasmanian wilderness. Custom designs, standing orders and one off commissions welcome.


Instagram: @hobarthillsdesign


Scott van Tuil

Scott van Tuil is a designer/maker who creates work varied in scale, function and material. From large bespoke installations to limited edition pieces and batch-manufactured furniture and small products, Scott seeks to create work which is beautiful in form and function, and has a thoughtful connection to where it has come from.



Instagram: @van.tuil


Marjorie Lenehan

Marjorie finds inspiration in the arts of Medieval and Ancient history. Initially this propelled her into textile decoration and calligraphy, now she uses it as a driver for her ceramics practice. Her intent is to create things of beauty, with the ethos that good design can be applied to everything.



Murray Jessup

Murray Jessup makes a variety of objects ranging from serving platters to furniture from retired wine barrels and whisky casks. The timber for wine or whisky barrels is sawn from trees sustainably harvested from French or American oak forests at least 125 years of age and are usually stained a rich red hue by the red wine they held.

Studio visits by appointment.